Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not ANOTHER Blog on Parenting

Yes. I have done it. I have started a blog on parenting.

Why? Great question. I like lists, so I'll list it out for you.

1. Because my mom said I should and I have learned to always listen to my mother.
2. I have two amazingly talented children who are more often than not using their powers for semi-evil activities and I need to document their deeds, just in case.
3. I love writing.
4. I want to become part of a community of moms who are willing to put their lives out there so you realize you're not alone.

I think that's the shortest list I've ever written in a blog.

Next question? What was that? What makes me think my parenting blog will be any different than someone else's? That's easy. In fact, I can sum it up in one word. "Filter". What makes the world unique is the way we filter what we experience. So what's my filter? Satire. I speak fluent sarcasm, but rarely with the venom you see on TV. (Though when provoked, I can sling the comebacks with the best of them.)

So, I guess what I'm saying is I'm about to unleash my wicked sense of humor on the world, using my children, husband and occasionally my friends as fodder. The intent is NOT to embarrass those closest to me. Far from it. My hope is to add my humble spin on the ever changing landscape of parenting and share some laughs along the way!

So sit back, grab a cup of the warm beverage of your choosing and enjoy your visit to Kidletville. Remember, you're just visiting. But I'm the Mayor.

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